❀ about me. ❀


name: jii
age: 25
birthday: dec 28
zodiac: capricorn
single or taken: single
height: 5’4” 
eye color: green
middle name: rayn
favorite color: green
lucky number: 4, 7, 28 


hogwarts house: slytherin
favorite fictional character: there’s no such thing as a fictional character 
favorite television show: wife swap? lol
favorite season: dude i dunno
describe yourself in a few words: ambitious 
meaning of your name: bad ass motherfuckerlolnojk
ultimate otp: BROTP Toothless and Hiccuo 4evr and Loki and Thor 
what do you plan to/do for a living: live happy + get a role as kid loki in a live action movie :D … andworkforDreamWorksastheirofficalhiccup
starbucks order: I dont drink coffee


introvert or extrovert: introvert who needs my best friends around me
dawn or dusk:
dawn if I’m already awake
righty or lefty: right
coffee or tea: tea…sort of 
rain or shine: shine if I’m outside, rain if i’m spending the day inside 
reading or writing: reading 

Bold What’s True

you are in college
you are female 
you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do with your life 
you are short (under 5’4)
you text a lot
you are single
you like a lot of different kinds of music
you are close with your mom
you don’t have a job 
you have a horrible fear of bees 
you have quite a few guilty pleasures 
you don’t have many scars 
you stay up late 
you dye your hair
you enjoy iced coffee
you drink occasionally 
you like to shop 
your grades are fairly good
you are lazy 
you are paranoid
you have a dog
you would consider going to law school
you would consider plastic surgery of some kind
you are somewhat superstitious 
your first name is short (4 letters or less) 
you have/had a piercing other than ears 
you are not very athletic 
you watch a lot of television 
you read a lot 
you get nervous easily
you have blue eyes 
you are disorganized 
you feel that you are friendly 
you donate time or money to charitable organizations
you don’t hear very well
you are pale
you have a tumblr 
people ask for your advice 
& you also ask for advice a lot 
you like sushi
you’ve been out of the country 
you have a food allergy 
you sleep with a stuffed animal
summer is your favorite season
your birthday is in the spring
your parents are divorced
you have moved multiple times
people think you are funny
you have a weird sense of humor 
you carry a purse
you think a lot 
you meditate 
you seem shy, but only when you first meet someone
you like parties
something on your body hurts right now
you have a sensitive nose 
you often have strange dreams 
you are a bit on the hyper side


I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything




name:  Jii

  • age: 25
  • gender: male
  • birthday: dec 28
  • height: 5’3.5”
  • sexuality:  terumisexual
  • relationship/status: single
  • occupation: jii
Do you have any--
  • siblings: half brother
  • pets: cats
  • piercings: none, i just have the holes to show that i once had them
  • tattoos: 4
  • movies: This is The End, How to train your Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, and basically anything I can watch more than once which is rare
  • foods:  avocados  
  • bands:  I dont really have a favorite band. 
  • things to do:  cosplay & costuming, video games, going to conventions, taking photos and gifs, giving people something to smile about

[ ❀ ] meet the blogger:

name: Jii
height: 5’3.5” 
eye color: green
birthday: December 28th 
favorite color: greens

best school subject(s): science
current shirt color:  green
day or night: morning
celebrity crush:  ….cruuuuush? eegh nope
coffee or tea:  tea
favorite food:  avocadooooooooooooooo

Dear artists,

If I ever send you a compliment or tell you i’d love to see something from you its seriously just that- a compliment. Its not a request, a prompt, a nudge nudge you should do this. Its not that at all, no. I’m not asking you to draw anything or else I’d say “hey plz do this.” Or “hey you should do that ;D” but saying “I’d love to see you draw this more!”, or something like “I’d love to see how you draw this!”, its a compliment. It means I think you are so amazing that I’d love to see how you draw, specifically in YOUR ART style, one of my most favorite people who mean so much to me. It is not me asking you to draw something.
To me, its more than just simple art, its me telling you that I think you are able to bring something to life through your art. Its me telling you that I think you do an amazing job at being able to put characters into perspective. Its me telling you that I’d love to see you do more of what you do. To me, Its just as magical and awesome as when I take a photo as him to give him life. I’m sure you put a lot of time into your art, I can relate. I’m sorry that if you’re so popular you hear it a lot or get so many compliments that they don’t mean anything to you anymore but please do not get mad at me for loving what you do.

  • Name: Jii
  • Age: 24 
  • Sex: male
  • Birthday: dec 28
  • Height: 5’3 1/2 
  • Sexuality: terumisexual 
  • Relationship status: single
  • Occupation: i do stuff 
Do you have any--
  • siblings: a half brother that I dont talk to
  • pets: cats
  • piercings: none currently
  • tattoos: four soon to be five
  • movies: Marvel movies, DreamWorks movies, comedy, especially This is The End 
  • bands/artists: Bands: none in particular. Artists: I have so many favorite artists…. the first on the list is Olivier Coipel 
  • things to do:  cosplay and conventions 

Get to know me! Personality Types

Reblog with your Personality types bolded, for your own reference, or for your followers to get to know you better! Add some others if you know any (such as Hogwarts houses: not a typical personality test, but they give other people insight into what you’re like!) Ones with free online tests are linked.

Name: Jii 

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


The Four Temperaments [x]: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine 

Enneagram [x]: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 7, Type 8, Type 9.

Hogwarts House [x, but Pottermore is better]: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin*, Ravenclaw 

Fill so your followers can get to know you


1. State your name: Jii
2. State the name that your parents almost named you: Harley
3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? All I have is my mom
5. Did anything embarrassing happen this week? Accidentally mentioned out loud to my mom that I needed a skirt for cosplay
6. Do you miss your ex? fuck no. 
7. White chocolate or dark chocolate? milk chocolate
8. Do people praise you for your looks? only on the internet
9. What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Earthy-tones 
10. How do you wear your makeup? If I wear makeup it’s for cosplay
11. What are some of your nicknames? I dont have any 
12. How many bedrooms are in your house? 2
13. How many bathrooms? 2
14. Do you have a job? YES OMG 
15. Do you have a car? I do not
16. Do you work out every week? No but I really should be
18. Have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? No
19. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd? Sort of.kind of. not really. It was a talent show in like FOURTH grade. I sang the Pokemon theme song lmfao 
20. What kind of bathing suit do you wear? I don’t swim but when I do I have trunks I wear.
21. Do you like your eyes? I think thats only only part I like about me, actually.
22. Do you think you are pretty? No thanks 
23. Who was the last person you talked to in person? Ebony
24. How much money is in your account? Not nearly enough 
25. Are you single? Yes yes yes 
26. Do you want kids? fuck no
27. Tell me what your backpack looks like:  I use one for travel? it’s just black with lots of pockets. 
28. What celebrity do you think is hot?  Emma Stone is hot not gonna lie, and Karen Gillan…and Scarlett Johansson
29. Last movie you saw in theaters: This is The End, best comedy movie ever I swear to he gods. 
30. Are you dating the same person you dated last year? I’m not dating. 
31. Has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? I dunno, maybe. 
32. Have you ever cheated? No
33: Have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’? No I haven’t
34: What do you like to do in your spare time? Play video games, TUMBLR, make cosplays, dress up, take gifs, etc etc 

tell me about yourself.
+ Anonymous

Okay, heres a bunch of random stuff…. A BUNCH.

Lets start off with how socially Awkward I am? Ok…lol.

No but really… I’m just a guy who lives trying to make dreams reality. 


( More photos of my out of cosplay here.

My name is Jii. Yes- my real name really IS Jii. 

I’m 24 years old.  My birthday is December 28th. 
From the U.S./ PA. 
Over all my personality is laid back.
I don’t drink or do drugs.
I enjoy video games, anime, roleplay and hanging out with friends but most of all I love to cosplay and the Japanese culture.
I’ve been cosplaying for 7 years and I also style wigs.
It’s my dream to work for DreamWorks. 
I  love cats. And snakes.
I love to make new friends and my closest friends mean the world to me. 
 I am a Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. A Capricorn (TO a T).
Pansexual. Happily androgynous, male.  
Foods? I enjoy vegetables more than anything, but I occasionally have a large sweet tooth. You know..the whole salty > sweet thing.
My favorite sweet is cheese cake, mochi, and taro bubble tea. My favorite vegetable is onions and I also love pot stickers and eel sushi.

I love laughter and smiles and I believe in peace and happiness. Example? [link]

I have a horrible sense of humor but that comes with the package of being a Capricorn. I can’t really take a joke and I make really bad ones. Yay for dead pan humor? 

Yes, I know I have feminine looks, I get that a LOT. Get over it. a post about gender.

Alot of people see me as a cool person from a distance, but when they get to know me, they see that im actually an ordinary person that isn’t as cool as they thought I would be. In fact, I’m actually pretty complicated. Not a lot of people get to see the complicated side of me unless they become a really close friend. 

I’m pretty awkward in person, quiet, and an observer. If you don’t know me well and we talk for the first time, chances are I’ll come off as really aloof and as some say intimidating, or rude, although I don’t mean to be.
It takes a while for me to actually open up to anyone IRL.

I have a thing for “fox-faced”/”snake-type” characters, Hazama and Gin especially. I put all my time and money into cosplay, and thats pretty much it. Also, Jack frost and Hiccup.

I could write more but thats enough. lol